Council Meeting Cancelled - May 05, 2021

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Town Hall Closed to Public - November 20, 2020

Starting Monday, November 24th, the Town Hall will be closed to the public. The office will still... [more...]

Reminder! Masks REQUIRED in Monon Town Hall - November 04, 2020

Everyone entering the Monon Town Hall is required to wear a face mask. Customers who do not wear ... [more...]

Leaf Bags - reminder! - April 12, 2019

Bagged leaves and grass clippings must not weigh over 40 lb. per Town ordinance. Thanks for your ... [more...]

Utility Bill help - April 04, 2018

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Monon Credit Card Payment - September 08, 2017

Monon is now accepting credit card payment for Monon water/sewer/trash utility bills.  See towno... [more...]


Modern Homemakers is coming back to town!!

The Modern Homemakers will begin their Monthly meetings, the 1st Tuesday of every Month starting on June 1st. Anyone interested in joining the group please contact: Sheila Ryan at: 574-870-3615. The group is very involved with community volunteer services, as well as continuing education. Meetings are held at the Monon Community Building from 1pm to 5pm, stop by and meet the group and see what they are all about. 


The Town of Monon is currently accepting applications for General Laborer, and Deputy Clerk-

Treasurer. Must have a High School Diploma or Equal, valid drivers license, and be able to pass a drug screen and background check. The Laborer position requires that you live within Monon City Limits, and the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer position requires you to be bonded. Applications for both positions can be picked up at Town Hall. For any questions regarding either position, please call 219-253-6441 or email us at:



Effective 01/01/2019

Meter deposit for new service:  $150.00

Re-connect fee following water shut off for non-payment of utility bill:  $25.00 for first and second reconnect;  $75.00 for third and subsequent reconnects.

Effective 08/01/2020

Water and sewer rates will increase 3%.


Current Indiana code (IC 6-8.1-9.5) allows Indiana state agencies and local governments to submit debts of at least $25.00 against state personal tax refunds.  Money owed for Monon Utilities will be submitted for collection through the Tax Refund Exchange and Compliance System unless paid at the Monon Town Hall.  Payments can be made to Monon Utilities by cash, check, money order or credit card (the credit card processing company charges a 3% service charge for credit card payments).




Rose Acres generously donated seasonal soccer goals which have been installed in the northwest area of Monon Park. The Park Board, superintendent and caretaker continually strive to provide new ways for residents to enjoy our beautiful park!  If you have ideas and/or suggestions, come to a Park Board meeting and share!  


The Town was notified by Advance Disposal on Friday, April 20th that they will strictly enforce our contract and empty only ONE trash can per residence.  Charges have been adjusted to reflect this. ($8.00 per month).  Monon town crew will be picking up extra cans during the next week.  Trash stickers - $1.00 per bag; $7.00 per large item - can be purchased at the Town Hall.  Items that can be recycled can be brought to the Monon recycle area behind the caboose across from the fire station.

If you need more than one trash can you can call Advance Disposal (Kathy at 574 808-4665) or another trash collection company and make arrangements for an extra trash can.  The trash company will provide the can and bill you directly for pick-up.


Edwin Buswell, Executive Director of KIRPC and Jack Reindt, Treasurer of  the Monon Park Board met with DNR representatives regarding the proposed splash pad.  The Park Board is applying for a 50/50 matching grant to help with the cost of this exciting project.  Stay tuned...



All peddlers going door-to-door in Monon are required to have a permit and wear an identification lanyard issued by White County. Do not feel obligated to answer your door or contract with them for work.  Call the Town Hall if you have any concerns.


To report after-hours water / sewer emergencies such as broken pipes, call White County Dispatch 800 676-7103 or Monon Police 219 253-8414.  They will contact our Superintendent and utility crew.  DO NOT open the water meter pit!  Doing so can cause damage to the meter and water main and the cost of repair is the resident's responsibility.

By Town ordinance every residence is required to have an accessible water shut-off valve within the home.  

During extremely cold weather leaving water running slowly and leaving sink cabinet doors open MAY help prevent frozen pipes!


This wonderful message was recently posted on this website!

"Last Sunday afternoon I came through your downtown as I was traveling from, Michigan to my home in Greencastle, Indiana. I have always loved your community and I was just amazed at how beautiful your downtown area looked with all of the beautiful pink wave petunias along in front of your businesses. It was such a beautiful sight and I wanted to thank you for all the work your community and businesses have put into showing the pride you have in your downtown and the beauty you are sharing with travelers. Your hard work certainly is deserving of a fellow Hoosier traveler. Thank you for making America Beautiful." Denise Sigworth



Water/Sewer/Trash utility bills are issued on the first and due the fifteenth of each month.   Prompt payment of your water bills is greatly appreciated! The printing and mailing of late notices contributes to the overall operational costs of the Utilities Department. Paying on time saves the Town money and helps you avoid penalty charges!



Our Monon Clerk-Treasurer is a Notary Public and will notarize documents free of charge at the Town Hall.  Call 219 253-6441.



Water / sewer / sanitation bills are mailed on the first of the month and are due on the fifteenth.  After the due date, penalty charges are added to the amount of the bill.  Approximately one week prior to the end of the month late notices are mailed to those having a delinquent balance.  If the bill is not paid by the first of the following month the residence is subject to water shut-off.

Accounts are reviewed and on the first of the month a "disconnect" list is created.  Any account on the disconnect list is subject to a reconnect fee.  The crew is sent to homes to disconnect water at the meter.  When the bill is paid the water is re-connected.  A re-connect charge of $25.00 each for the first and second reconnect and $75.00 each for the third and subsequent reconnects is added to each account on the disconnect list to help cover the cost of man-hours put into the lengthy delinquent account process.

You can avoid penalty and re-connect charges by paying your utility bills on time!  Prompt payment is greatly appreciated!!!



Did you know that our Town of Monon won a "Best Tasting Water in Indiana" award?