Park Caretaker

Monon  Park Caretaker Job Description

 The following is a guideline of responsibilities for the park caretaker:

Mow entire park as needed. (grass should never exceed 6 inches)

Keep park grounds in safe condition, fill in any sink holes & report any drainage issues.

Trim and spray weeds as needed. (includes ditch)

Keep sticks and limbs picked up.

Trim low tree branches & report any safety concerns about trees.

Keep leaves raked, mulched, and picked up as needed.

Keep trash picked up.

Empty trash containers as needed.

Keep restrooms clean and properly supplied.

Unlock and lock restrooms daily.

Keep  shelters clean.

Keep picnic tables  clean.

Keep storage buildings neat, clean and  organized.

Inspect all toys once a week. (report any safety concerns right away)

Keep log cabin  in good working order. (lights, fans, bathroom  etc..)

Inspect and clean log cabin and other structures after being rented. (report abuse)

Relocate tables as required for rentals.

Store tables for winter and put out for   spring.

Install  & remove  seasonal  items like the tennis court nets. (adjust nets as needed)

  1. Keep all park tools and mowers in good working cond (follow a maintenance  schedule)

Other items that should also be done with or without  help from  volunteers or town employees!

Keep shelters in good repair and paint as needed .

Keep all toys in good repair and fix as needed.

Keep picnic tables in good repair and paint as needed.

Inspect Caboose park and take care of anything it needs. (Town mows)

Drag infield of ball diamonds on game days unless leagues say otherwise.

Make sure all security and diamond lights are working, have repaired if needed.

Make sure the town employees shutoff and drain all water for the winter and turn on in spring.

Perform any miscellaneous duties as instructed by Town Superintendent or Park Board.

Must attend  park  board meetings.

Reports to Town Superintendent and Park Board.

Start and stop dates vary on the weather but typically run from 04-01 to 10-1.

Mowing  hours acceptable -9am till dusk.

Report any suspicious activity, vandalism or damage to the Town Marshal.