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Proposed Reduction to Water Use and Rates


ORDINANCE #04-2022


Amendment to §50.44, Water Use and Rates


§50.44 Water Use and Rates


The Town Council of the town of monon, indiana hereby gives notice that the monon town council shall read and ADOPT the following ordinance at THE REGULAR meeting scheduled for 3:30 pm on tueSDAY, JUNE 21, 2022 at THE monon town hall.


Indiana law has repealed the Utility Rate Tax effective July 1, 2022. There is hereby established for the use of and the service rendered by the waterworks system of the Town of Monon, the following rates and charges based on the use of water supplied by said waterworks system, removing the utility rate tax:

Pursuant to I.C. 36-4-3-7.


A. Consumption Per Month Rate Per 1,000 Gallons


First 2,500 gallons $7.08

Next 7,500 gallons 7.08

Next 30,000 gallons 6.17

Next 40,000 gallons 3.53


B. Minimum Rates


Meter Size Cost Per Month


5/8 inch meter $17.62

¾ inch meter 35.33

1 inch meter 70.53

1 ¼ inch meter 88.14

1 ½ inch meter 123.66

2 inch meter 134.87

3 inch meter 261.27

4 inch meter 395.50

6 inch meter 705.02


C. Fire Protection Services – Hydrant Rental


Municipal Hydrant Charge-Total $25,998.00 (paid by the Town of Monon)

Private Hydrant -per hydrant $587.66

New meter deposits for customers or land owners = $150.00


  1. Sprinkler Connection Charges


Size of Connection Per Year Charge


2 inch connection $261.14

4 inch connection 261.14

6 inch connection 587.52

8 inch connection 966.19



(E) Tap Charge. A tap charge shall be collected from each customer, prior to connection to the water system, in an amount sufficient to reimburse the Town of Monon for the labor, materials, and overhead necessary for tapping the main, installation of service from the main to the property line (including the curb stop), and the cost of furnishing and installing a suitable water meter. The tap charge for the minimum 5/8-inch to ¾ inch tap shall be $563.00


(F) Collection and Deferred Payment Charges. All bills for water services not paid within fifteen (15) days from the issue date thereof, as stated in such bills, shall be subject to the collection or deferred payment charge of ten percent (10%) in the first $3.00 and three percent (3%) on the excess over $3.00.


(G) Bill Frequency. The rates and charges shall be billed monthly by the Town of Monon based upon monthly or quarterly meter readings. In the event quarterly meter readings are used, the first two (2) months billings of such quarter will be estimated and adjusted to actual usage in the third month.


(H) Termination of Water Services.


  1. It is the policy of the town to discontinue utility service to customers by reason of nonpayment of bills only after notice and a meaningful opportunity to be heard on disputed bills. The town’s form for application for utility service and all bills shall contain, in addition to the title, address, room number, and telephone number of the official in charge of billing, clearly visible and easily readable provisions to the effect:


  1. That all bills are due and payable on or before the date set forth on the bill; and


  1. That if any bill is not paid by or before that date, a second bill will be mailed containing a cutoff notice approximately one (1) week before the end of the month. If payment is not received by the 1st of the following month, service will be disconnected on the first business day of the month; and


  1. That any customer disputing the correctness of his or her bill shall have a right to a hearing at which time he or she may be represented in person and by counsel or any other person of his or her choosing and may present orally or in writing his or her complaint and contentions to the Town Clerk. The Town Clerk shall be authorized to order that the customer’s service not be discontinued and shall have the authority to make a final determination of the customer’s complaint.


  1. Requests for delays or waiver of payment will not be entertained; only questions of proper and correct billing will be considered. In the absence of payment of the bill rendered or resort to the hearing procedure provided herein, service will be discontinued at the time specified, but in no event until the charges have been due and unpaid for at least 15 days.


  1. When it becomes necessary for the town to discontinue utility service to a customer for nonpayment of bills, service will be reinstated only after all bills for service then due have been paid.

A reconnect fee in the amount of $25 for the 1st and 2nd consecutive month and $75 for the 3rd consecutive month and thereafter will be charged. Reconnect fees will be added onto the next month's bills.


  1. Authority to Adopt Water Rates. The rates and charges to be collected by the Town of Monon Municipal Waterworks System shall be determined by vote of the Town Council at a regularly scheduled meeting, and such rates and charges shall not be subject to review by the Public Service Commission of the State of Indiana. The Monon Waterworks, including its facilities for treatment, storage, and distribution, is removed from the jurisdiction of the Public Service Commission of the State insofar as user rates and charges are concerned.


(Ord. 03-208, passed 6-17-2008)

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(Ord. 04-2022, passed _________)




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