Monon Town Job Openings - February 05, 2018

Monon has two laborer positions open.  Applications available at Town Hall.  Return by ... [more...]

Frozen pipes - December 29, 2017

Leaving water slowly dripping and/or leaving sink cabinet doors open MAY help prevent frozen pipes! [more...]

Monon Credit Card Payment - September 08, 2017

Monon is now accepting credit card payment for Monon water/sewer/trash utility bills.  See towno... [more...]


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Monon Town Park Caretaker Position


The Monon Town Council is now accepting resumes for the position of Park Caretaker.  This job is active from April 1 to October 31, 2018.  Complete job description is available at the Monon Town Hall.  Please send resumes to Park Position, Town of Monon, PO Box 657, Monon, IN  47959.  Deadline for resumes is February 16, 2018.